TV Shows – Star Trek: Voyager

Okay, today I just don’t feel like dealing with the gang, so I’ll take a break, as it’s been quite a lot in the last few days. So, let’s move a bit further into the future today, with Star Trek: Voyager. I really like the series a lot, and there are many good episodes, but unfortunately also many filler episodes. Let’s see how long I can stand the technobabble. But I’m definitely looking forward to getting a breath of Voyager air again, especially because of the brilliant episode in Star Trek: Lower Decks.


Considering how old the episodes are already, they really have great special effects. I’m already having a lot of fun, and the first episode has only been running for a few minutes.

I will also do this like with The Big Bang Theory, as a kind of diary, although I won’t be able to accomplish as much in one day since the episodes are much longer. But writing helps me a lot and helps me sort out many things.

Original posted on 15.02.2024