TV Shows – Star Trek: Voyager IV

Episode 11 of Season 2, and it’s getting stranger and stranger. I’m not sure if it’s the same in English, but in the German order, the episode 7 from the above season is an inserted episode because Captain Janeway suddenly has her new hairstyle, which only appears later. Also, some things are mentioned that don’t exist at this point in time.

Otherwise, I always wonder why this and that are coming now, or I’m surprised about it. It’s somehow interesting how memories are stored or how they change over time. Fortunately, there haven’t been any Borg yet, they can stay away for a while longer, even though I have nothing against Seven of Nine, but thanks to Picard, I’m quite tired of the Borg. BUT I’ve seen a few Jem’Hadar ships, and that always pleases me because they have too small a place in the Star Trek universe, considering they started a galactic war.


I love the fact, that The Doctor gets a bit more screen time in some episodes and you can see how he tries to evolve and become more human. He is the Data of the Delta quadrant.

But I also have to admit, that I skipped two episodes almost entirely. To boring, to less action and just a few character development plots. I know Voyager has some of those episodes, we’ll see how I handle them in the higher Seasons.

Original posted on 18.02.2024