TV Show – Star Trek: Voyager X

Three days on a business trip and now it’s back to the Voyager!

Starting off with a pretty boring episode, at least for me, but then it went straight into a Doctor episode. The boring episode was “Unforgettable,” which I found somewhat unremarkable, even though the “ability” of the mentioned species was quite interesting, but somehow they didn’t make much of it. Yes, that might also be because I’m not really into bad love stories.
Fortunately, I was really drawn back in with the Doctor episode “Living Witness,” and yeah, I always really enjoy such episodes, even though my favorite role of Robert Picardo’s is The Cowboy from “Innerspace” (1987). Of course, he’s also worth mentioning because of his role in Stargate, that shouldn’t be forgotten.

Interestingly, we haven’t seen B’Elanna for a long time (due to the actress’ pregnancy she doesn’t appear as often), so I was quite surprised when she showed up at the beginning of “Demon” (S4E24). It’s always interesting how the focus is placed on some characters because of their real-life circumstances, and how that is then incorporated into the story. Sure, it’s actually quite simple, but I still find it fascinating!


Not sure if I’ll finish the fourth season today since I’m pretty tired, but let’s see how far I’ll get.

Original posted on 24.02.2024