TV Show – Star Trek: Voyager VIII

Today we’re starting off big because I didn’t finish the third season, so we’re diving straight into Species 8472, which is great. But what’s behind us?

We had a very emotional episode with the Doctor, where he creates a perfect family for himself and then quickly realizes, through modifications, what a real family is. I thought it was a really good episode that also showed where the Doctor’s journey should go.

Episode 23 was also interesting because it reminded me of how facts have been handled in the recent years of our time. And of course, in the years before that too, but here, things were processed that hadn’t happened yet back then, and I thought it was important to address such topics.

Before we get to the current episode, we had a very good “What if…?” episode, although I was a little concerned about Martha Hackett (Seska) here because she looked extremely thin. All the female actors do, but that was pretty intense, although with Seven of Nine, it’s going to be even more extreme.


So, onto the episode currently airing, where my Voyager journey begins today, Scorpion Part 1! I think it’s very good that they’ve taken it a step further here and said, “Okay, we need a species that’s even more hardcore than the Borg, so that humans have to ally with the Borg!” It’s a bit like the story of the frog and the scorpion trying to cross a river! (OH! Okey, Chakotay told the story few seconds after I wrote this. I know it with a frog and a scorpion, he told it with a fox and a scorpion.)

But I have to admit once again that Voyager is really fun, and I had remembered it differently here and there. I’m looking forward to all that’s to come because even though I actually know what’s coming, since I’ve watched it all before, there are still things, as I realized last night, that I’ve forgotten.

Original posted on 20.02.2024