TV Show – Star Trek Voyager VII

So, I really had to think again about everything that happened in this block, as we’re nearing the end of the third season! Also, I did a bit of tidying up on the side and apparently didn’t catch as much as I thought I did.

Once we had the episode where there were two time-shifted Voyagers, and Harry went from one Voyager to the other and took the baby. I still find it strange that absolutely nobody talks about it or finds it even remotely odd.

Phew, the episode where Kes was supposed to enter a biotemporal chamber and the Doctor chose van Gogh as a name, BIG PHWEW!! (Yeah, glimpse into the future is great but I don’t know, it’s too much!)

Moving on! There was another Q episode, and my heart melted. And not just because of Janeway’s jealous look when Q and Q united, glorious moment!


I also really liked the connection to Star Trek: The Next Generation, the episode was a lot of fun. I really enjoy it when the different series are interconnected, which is why I’m such a fan of Star Trek: Lower Decks; alongside Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, they’ve perfectly grasped this concept!

In Episode 16 of the third season, we could indeed address the fact that the Borg appear for the first time, BUT can we talk about the Doctor becoming a Holo Pimp? Mind-blowing!

Overall, I think it’s always good that they don’t try to focus on everyone at once, but instead keep focusing on different parts of the crew. I find it refreshing; it allows for others to develop further and there’s room for everyone.

Only in the current episode, which I mentioned earlier, something seems off with the dates, right? Kes is nine years old or is nearing the end of her ninth year, but why is Harry’s son much older? And the daughter, being half-human half-Ocampa, should still be much younger, right? All very confusing!

I’ll keep watching for a bit longer and see how far I get today.

Original posted on 19.02.2024