TV Show – Star Trek: Voyager VI

New day, new Star Trek: Voyager episodes. Season 3 Episode 10 is currently where things stand. I’m just contemplating, I think I slept a bit too well last night, even if it was just for a short while.

What I’ve noticed is that there are several levels of chaos. Sometimes the camera just shakes a little, but not much else happens. The next level is when the camera shake includes crew members tumbling through the decks. Real chaos is on the way when a strand of Janeway’s carefully put together hair is hanging loose. Then the ship is about to fall apart.

We’ve already completed a two-part episode, and it was quite good, involving time travel. It was a nice lead-up to the episode with Seven of Nine working for the time ship Relativity.

In the current episode (S3E10), in the German dub, Kes’s voice is made to sound extra harsh or altered, which is terrible because the voice is already very grating, as she uses way too much vocal fry! But Kes isn’t really a popular character anyway, at least not for me, so I’m glad that after this season she’s done.

Let’s see what else is to come; there’s still a lot swirling around in my head regarding some episodes. I’m not 100% sure when Seven of Nine appears, but I’ll be surprised!


Original posted on 19.02.2024