TV Show – Star Trek: Voyager V

I’ve reached the end of the second season by now, but I’ve almost completely skipped at least three episodes (for the reasons I mentioned in the last post). These filler episodes just aren’t for me, even though they certainly have their purpose. But for me, they simply don’t contribute much to the overarching story or the characters. Additionally, the writers are given too much time and freedom in these episodes, resulting in some rather strange things.

Speaking of strange things, I also got through “Threshold” at the end of Season 2. An episode that starts off incredibly well, and with the fact that at Warp 10 you’re practically omnipresent, there could have been a lot to explore. But now I just wonder if Janeway and Paris’s children are doing well.

However, it did feature one of the best dialogues:

Captain: “Can you wake him?”
Doctor: “I don’t see why not.”
“Wake up, Lieutenant!!!”

In the same episode, I noticed that millions of gigaquads of data were loaded into the memory core again. Does anyone ever defragment that? Or even look at it? (Previously, due to distortion, there were already 20 million gigaquads of data!!)

Also, I found it odd that the shuttle was only three days away even though it was practically everywhere at the same time. Coincidence??

However, this season featured a reunion with Q (John de Lancie). After his reintroduction in Star Trek: Picard Season 2 and the way he was mistreated in such an impossible manner, sorry to put it that way, it was nice to see him in full glory. I’m still angry about how everything in Picard Season 2 was handled, it’s disgusting!!


Now, the third season is right around the corner, and I’ll start it tonight as well. The Borg should be making their first appearance soon, and then Species 8472 won’t be far behind! Yes, there’s still a lot to come, including the Borg Queen making an appearance. So much good stuff, full speed ahead!

Original posted on 18.02.2024