TV Show – Dr. House | House M.D.

So, there was a little break because I dedicated myself to another medium (manga) for two days, but I’m not sure if I’ll dedicate a few posts to it, let’s see.


But as I mentioned before, as a subtle replacement for Voyager, I’ve started watching another series that’s running alongside, Dr. House. When I recently added my DVDs to a database, I had the DVDs in my hands again and felt like rewatching. However, I must admit that this thought quickly disappeared. But then Dr. House appeared on Prime and I seized the opportunity.

Unfortunately, it’s not as enjoyable as I had hoped because, as you know, Prime now includes ads in their standard package (Voyager didn’t have ads because it came from the Paramount+ channel on Prime), and it’s really annoying. Most of the time, there are one or two breaks per episode, and I actually stopped watching regular TV because these interruptions, which can last up to 10 minutes on German TV, are just incredibly annoying. Enough of that before I board the rage train!

Dr. House is fun, and the team dynamics are very interesting, especially when you see who covers for whom or who snitches to Cuddy about whom. Of course, I also know what’s coming, where House ends up, and what he does in the last season (which I find out of character or very exaggerated). But for now, we’re still sailing in shallow waters, because right now, it’s just about the $100 million from Vogler. Tough decisions have to be made, and some liars are exposed.

One of my favorite episodes is still to come, the one where some medical students are told three stories, one of which is how House lost the muscle in his leg. But also, the season in which his new team is formed is interesting, and not just because Olivia Wilde (Thirteen) joins.


But I’m also looking forward to all the facets that the character and the series have to offer. “Everybody lies!” is one of his principles, which implies that he lies too. But then there’s also the question of whether you can separate the doctor persona from the character persona? Do you wish for a doctor with all that know-how but want to skip the character traits? Lots of things go through your mind, at least through mine.

But what I also like, warning: tech nerd alert, is on one hand his taste in music and the fact that he likes to listen to vinyl records (this happens in several episodes), and on the other hand, his tube TV with a cable connection or even antenna reception. Unfortunately, not so easily possible here in Germany anymore, but when I used to work in a fixed job in the office, I always wished for something like that. A small, old-fashioned tube TV running in the background. Then it’s easier to bear the constant chatter of colleagues in the open-plan office!

So, off to the fictional Princeton-Plainsboro and let’s enjoy the extraordinary cases of the diagnostics department.

Original postet on 02.03.2024