TV Show – Dr. House | House M.D. VIII

We’re diving in. Ladies and gentlemen, we are DIVING IN!


The first episode of the fourth season is still a bit of a soft start with a little rock, but the second episode goes full throttle!

So many memories are flooding through the nerve pathways of my brain right now, and it’s spinning. Doctors who aren’t doctors! Doctors who would rather not be doctors anymore! Doctors who commit suicide! Doctors who fall in love with the best friends of other doctors! (That’s the discord between House and Wilson that I mentioned before!) Doctors with children! You’d think we’re watching a medical drama!

What I like best here is the fact that they’re actually completely revamping the series but somehow not changing anything. So, on one hand, they stay true to the familiar, but on the other hand, they bring in a lot of fresh energy. Plus, the old team isn’t entirely gone—Cameron and Chase are still working in the clinic, and Foreman will also be coming back. It won’t be long before the two teams mix.

Unfortunately, Amber has a big problem for me in German because she has the same voice as Kes from Star Trek: Voyager. Nothing against the voice, but I find Kes simply dreadful, and unfortunately, because of the voice, it transfers to all the other characters with that voice. But in general, Amber isn’t a really likable person either; I don’t like her in How I Met Your Mother at all, even though she only appears in one episode there. There’s another series I’m currently watching her in, where she was okay, but I can’t remember the name of the series right now (maybe it’ll come to me later, depending on how well my brain manages it).

Someone I’m very happy to see again is Carmen Argenziano. Of course, I know he’s done an incredible amount, but my fondness comes from his appearances in Stargate SG-1. As Sam Carter’s father and later as a mediator between humans and the Tok’ra.

Ah, of course, we also need to talk about House’s new cane. I don’t know who came up with the idea in the series, but it’s genius. Flames on a cane, it doesn’t get much more ‘80s/’90s than that. All that’s missing on the cane now is a turbocharger and a spoiler!

Since the fourth season is a bit of a fresh start, there isn’t much to write about yet, and I’ll space out the posts a bit. By now, I have two episodes of Halo to catch up on, and Bullet Train (2022) is now on Netflix, so I definitely need to check that out too.

Original posted on 08.03.2024