TV Show – Dr. House | House M.D. VII

Unstoppably we are approaching the end of the third season (currently at S3E20, House Training), and I’m wondering, as my memory refuses to reveal, what major event occurs that causes House to reform his team or leads to drastic changes. Yes, I admit, I’m really looking forward to seeing Thirteen (Olivia Wilde) and also Martha M. Masters (Amber Tamblyn), although I think Masters might take a little longer to appear.


It’s quite exciting when you’ve seen everything already, can remember a lot, but a rewatch helps to put all the puzzle pieces back in the right order. Yes, one could think about it, but I enjoy the suspense.

One of the scenes that made me laugh a lot back then has already come up, namely when House compares a patient’s body to the German railway system. Back then, the comparison might have been somewhat accurate, and yes, even in the original, he makes the same comparison with the same cities (Berlin & Düsseldorf), but unfortunately, the German trains, whether regional or long-distance, are nowhere near as good and punctual anymore. I’ve been wondering the whole time if it was like that back then, but no, today it’s definitely worse. Just thinking about how many times I got stranded at a train station last year, BIG UFF!

Otherwise, after the Tritter thing, things are moving rather slowly, and I don’t think that’s a bad thing at all. The highlight, of course, is the romance between Chase and Cameron, although it’s almost over by now. I vaguely remember a wedding in the future and maybe even a divorce? No, I’m sure about the wedding, but I don’t think there was a divorce. Oh, I also remember the big bus accident involving Wilson’s girlfriend. There’s a lot more to come!

Speaking of which, I think the dynamic between Wilson and House has changed a lot since the incident with the prescription pad. At first, it seemed like everything was over and they had no future, but now the connection seems stronger than ever. We also saw that in the story with Cuddy, when they both tested each other to see how far they would go. And then just saying “Night House!” “Night Wilson!” to each other, that’s a true bromance, ladies and gentlemen! (I know, I’m late to that party!)

But now there’s a very heavy episode on, as once again, an important topic is being addressed, one that often unfortunately gets overlooked in every society, Alzheimer’s & dementia. Foreman’s mother suffers from Alzheimer’s, and I know, it really affected me back then because my grandmother died of Alzheimer’s, and my mother is showing the first signs of it now. This disease steals the mind first, then the body, and we should talk about it much more and do much more against it. I know what it’s like to watch a person lose themselves in the darkness of this disease, and believe me, you wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Once again, a topic highlighted by the series and one that should continue to be addressed. I’m currently wondering if House is airing anywhere on regular TV in Germany, but I don’t think so at the moment. That should change because yes, it can be fun and enjoyable for about 45 minutes, but it’s also a topic of conversation that might find resonance in the workplace or similar institutions, and suddenly a disease is lifted from its obscurity and brought into the real world. THAT’S IMPORTANT!

However, there is another important aspect in this episode that must not be overlooked. Doctors make mistakes, and these mistakes can end up being deadly! Of course, nobody wants to talk about it in the real world, and doctors usually don’t admit to such things. It’s another issue that’s hushed up, but the series brings it back to light, brilliantly! Also, the fact that House performs an autopsy afterward for research purposes may seem strange and odd at first, but it’s also about finding out where things went wrong. Yes, it’s also to stroke one’s own ego, but it’s also to prevent such things from happening again.

I won’t manage to finish the end of the third season today, but there was another remarkable appearance. In the last episode (S3E19, Act your Age), part of the supporting cast of Bones made an appearance. We saw Joel David Moore and Carla Gallo. And in the episode before that (S3E18, Airborne), Pej Vahdat was one of the passengers or Foreman’s substitute.

A little thank you to everyone who diligently reads and shares my Dr. House posts. I’m just doing this for fun, but it’s cool that it’s well-received and my little analyses are being shared. Thank you very much!

Original posted on 07.03.2024