TV Show – Dr. House | House M.D. VI

So, we’re now at episode 10/11 in the third season, and while House gets a visit from Tritter in rehab, Tritter shows his true colors, or rather, House reveals them.


I find it good that the judge clarifies again that Tritter acted completely out of line, and she can’t quite understand why he was after House so much. But as described before, and also shown by Cuddy’s reprimand, zero attention is paid to the fact that Tritter started it all. Yes, we’re at a stage where all involved have made mistakes, serious ones even, Cuddy just a few moments ago. But as House pointed out so nicely, if Tritter doesn’t get his butt kissed by everyone, he loses it! Plus, what really gets me mad is he’s still chewing those gums even though he was told he’ll lose his manhood if he keeps at it.

And yes, the judge said House provoked Tritter, and I won’t argue against that, but the fact that House rarely does anything without a reason and no one asks about the real reason, namely that Tritter was the worst patient until then, is not questioned. Here I see a missed opportunity to delve deeper into House’s character, even though it’s been done many times before, but here they could have explored his motives a bit more, and I think that would have done the character quite good!

Fortunately, this storyline is over, even though I like it, it really raises my blood pressure!

Fun Fact: The prosecutor from episode 11 has the voice of Rüdiger Schulzki in German, who probably won’t ring a bell to anyone, which is okay, but he’s known for voicing the intro of the Galaxy Rangers and has voiced many characters in series in the 80s and 90s. Unfortunately, he passed away on August 5, 2022, in Hamburg! We don’t talk enough about voice actors, which should change because every time something comes to us that wasn’t produced here, it’s the voice actors who are responsible for making the medium enjoyable in our language. And yes, sometimes dubs aren’t really great, but believe me, that’s rarely if ever the fault of the voices, but rather the dubbing directors who regularly dump one in the brain! So, enough rant for today!!

Original posted on 06.03.2024