TV Show – Dr. House | House M.D. V

Okay, I didn’t remember that the story with the cop (Tritter) was so close. Sorry if I keep calling him cop or policeman, I have a terrible memory for names.


I actually find this side story quite interesting because even though both of them, at first, didn’t break any laws or acted within their rights, both abused their power. That’s why I’ve always wondered who started it. It’s a bit like with Han Solo, who shot first?

Because Tritter started with the provocation, complaining first that he had to wait for 2 hours (when I think about how long I’ve waited in doctors’ offices or clinics, 2 hours is a joke). It’s mostly just verbal after that, which would still be bearable. You shout into your pillow at night or punch a punching bag, and it’s done. But here comes the crucial point; Tritter trips House when he tries to go to the door of the examination room. Let me be clear, he trips a person with a disability. He shouldn’t be surprised if he’s made to wait with a thermometer up his butt, sorry bro! Plus, House is the expert in this case, so what gives Tritter the right to tell him what to do and how his job works? Sorry, I just find it outrageous because he could have handled it differently.
I also find it outrageous how Tritter interrogates the team and keeps meddling in medical matters he knows nothing about, forming judgments or opinions. Yes, House’s medication is intense, but still, he should seek advice from someone who knows what they’re talking about. And yeah, in case it hasn’t leaked out yet, I absolutely, completely, and utterly dislike Tritter!!

Of course, everything that happens afterward is absolutely not nice, and the misuse of the prescription pad comes to light. But somehow, I’ve always been on House’s side because sure, both of them show absolutely no remorse for their behavior, but Tritter, because of his profession, somehow has even more power and fully exploits it, which I don’t really find okay. Because actually, House could go and charge him with assault for tripping him, but nobody really thinks of that. And yeah, I don’t want to exclude the possibility that my argumentation is somewhat clouded by my sympathy for House, but still, I stand by it!

Anyway, it’s bedtime for me now because I know there will also be a rift between House and Wilson. Although, I’ll still watch the episode with the coma patient because the coma patient behaves absolutely not how you would expect, I like that.

Original posted on 05.03.2024