TV Show – Dr. House | House M.D. III

After a long day, we’re back at Princeton-Plainsboro with Dr. House and his team. A lot has happened since then!


We’ve gone through the second attempt with Stacy and realized that House really isn’t the person for a relationship. Or maybe just not the right one for Stacy, even though the series itself wants to tell us otherwise. But before it gets serious, House backs off and, if I remember correctly, loses her forever, because as far as I know, Stacy or Sela Ward doesn’t appear again in the series.

We’ve also already dealt with House’s white whale, Esther! What struck me about this episode right away, probably because it involved a little child, was that we rarely saw the patient. Here, it was clear that narratively, it wasn’t about the patient, but really about House and how he handles this case, which affects him much more than the previous case with Esther!

Otherwise, we often encounter cases where House makes morally questionable decisions. Professionally, of course, absolutely top-notch, no question, and the results speak for themselves. However, there are always situations that seem questionable. For example, the second awakening of the boy with burns, even though he was stopped, or the viewing of Stacy and her husband’s files. What I’m getting at is that there are increasing cases where he often has to be stopped by the team. But again, the question arises whether it’s not legitimate, as it leads to the patient’s recovery. I also think of the girl and the tick, if Foreman hadn’t stopped him with his cane and held the elevator, the patient would surely be dead.

I know, during my last rewatch about 4 years ago, I reached a point where I found many things very questionable, especially regarding House’s character. And no, it wasn’t about the police officer, but I’ll write about that too, because there are quite a few things that bother me about it!

Original posted on 04.03.2024