TV Show – Dr. House | House M.D. II

That’s what I call a proper start to a Sunday morning!


Although I didn’t sleep enough because I got absorbed in a manga, after my breakfast, I immediately put on House and was rewarded with my favorite episode (Three Stories). And right in the first few minutes, we’re also treated to the wonderful Sela Ward, always nice to see her.

Of course, we also find out right away why Sela Ward, who plays Dr. House’s wife, is visiting him in the hospital, because of her new husband. For those who haven’t slept through all the episodes we’ve seen before, we know that conflicts are inevitable. But they all come later, because before that, we can enjoy how House tells his story and interacts with the medical students.

Here at the end of the first season, I believe there’s one more episode after this one, we already have a Dr. House who is much more complex than he was at the beginning of the season. We know some of his preferences, like that he likes to play Metroid: Zero Mission (Metroid Pinball has also been seen before) and that he likes to deal with people who are schizophrenic, as he finds their way of thinking much more interesting than that of “normal” people. We also learn more about his relationships with each team member, including that he had something with Cuddy (I think there’s a funny picture later on about that). It’s a first season that leaves you wanting more, and if I can get my aversion to commercial breaks under control a little better, then the last season will also be something.

In this case, I also have to admit that I find the German title of the episode a bit better than the original. Because “Three Legs” somehow has a deeper meaning than “Three Stories.” On the one hand, it can’t normally be about three legs. But in the episode, as House himself tells, it’s initially about six legs of a total of three people. Although it evolves during the episode so that it actually ends up being about one leg each of the three people, and then again only about one leg, namely his. Then the title also has a subtly humorous note, which is disarming on the one hand but somehow also depressing when you watch the episode. But I don’t want to dwell on that, because that’s a golden exception, usually the original titles are very well chosen.

What is also always brought to my attention in the intro is the fact that the producer of all these stories is Bryan Singer. Yes, exactly, this Bryan Singer who brought us the X-Men movies to the local cinemas in the early 2000s and also made Hugh Jackman into Wolverine. I like it when creative people are so multifaceted!

I mustn’t forget to check whether a new episode of HALO has been released this week or whether one will only be released next week. I forgot to check when the new episodes of the second season are coming out during my little binge watch this week.

Original posted on 03.03.2024